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About us

Quality and affordable products
Designed and manufactured in Quebec
Noble, warm material
Lightweight and durable
Modern, unlimited and timeless design
Eco-Responsible Manufacturing Process


Our mission is to offer high-quality concrete products at affordable prices, made in Québec in an eco-responsible way.

Our vision is to be an inspired, passionate and efficient designer and manufacturer, while reducing the impact of our manufacturing process on the environment. Amalgame Béton & Cie wants to be recognized as the leader in eco-responsible manufacturing in Quebec, in its field of expertise, over the next two years, by selecting more environmentally friendly materials, facilitating recyclability and reducing the waste of resources.

The quality of our products and services, the well-being and respect of people, the protection of the environment and the integrity of the people and the company are our most important values.


The two founders are Geneviève Jacob and Pascal Lareau. Genevieve the management and Pascal the artist! Their life course is different, but so complementary. Had it not been for mutual friends, the road of Genevieve would surely not have crossed Pascal’s …

Geneviève was looking for a “good idea” to start a business, she wanted to use her management knowledge and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. For his part, Pascal wanted to change his business model to expand his clientele, which offered his services for the manufacture of custom-made objects.

Geneviève has more than 15 years of management experience, especially in terms of Human Resources. She is responsible for the general management and development of the business. Pascal has 10 years of experience as a professional sculptor, working at the Silex workshop in Trois-Rivières. He is responsible for operations and product development.