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No, because the concrete recipe does not contain any metal.

Our products are guaranteed 3 years against manufacturing defects. It is true that over time, surface microcracks can be created, which in no way alters the quality of the product. We suggest you seal your sink or shower base again with a product sold in home renovation stores such as Aqua Mix® Sealer’s Choice® Gold.

Our concrete recipe makes it possible to create products that are light enough to be fixed to the wall without special frames. On the other hand, simple squares sold in stores would not suffice to support your sink. We recommend our support system and we will provide you with a detailed installation sheet.

You can purchase the products of Custom Building Products Company such as Aqua Mix® Sealer’s Choice® Gold from retailers such as Rona and Home Depot. Attention, some of their products are “enhancers”, meaning they will darken the color of your sink or shower base. Check with a clerk.

Apply generously with a sponge or brush. Allow to penetrate for about 5 minutes. Wipe the surface immediately of any excess product. Test the water resistance of the surface after 2 hours by dropping a few drops of water. If water is absorbed, apply an additional coat.

You can download the product technical sheets from the manufacturer’s website for more information on applying the sealant.

Please contact us at 1-833-766-2386. We will ask you for your invoice number and one or two photos of the defective product.

Concrete is a living material that changes with time and natural wear, much like leather. Efflorescence, porosity, non-homogeneity of the surface, casting lines and microcracks are an integral part of the material. These features do not affect the quality and functionality of your product. This is what differentiates it from a manufactured and synthetic material such as Corian® for example.